Mercury in Retrograde and BeeJam Courses : Updated

What is Mercury Retrograde? Why is it messing with our stuff?! AND an update on what you're getting when you enrol on a BeeJam Professional Dreadlock Technician course in case you're confused.

Hi Guys! Before I talk business I thought you might be interested a little science/history/philosphy as to the nature of 'Mercury Retrograde'. It's happening now for the first time in 2019. Mercury retrograde means that the planet Mercury appears to be traveling from east to west contrary to its usual West to East orbit through the stars. This happens three or four times a year as Mercury passes the earth in its orbit. As it travels around the bend, Mercury slows down and appears to stop completely and spin backward (retrograde). The explanation is a little dull and is as follows. Much like two trains passing each other at slightly different speeds, the affect creates the optical illusion that one (Mercury, in this case) is going backward.

Mercury was the Roman God of Commerce. His name Mercurius in Latin literally meaning Merchandise. Aspects of life he was also considered responsible for were travel, communication and general circulation. Merchants would pray to him for protection of their products, a successful trade and high profits. To many however he was also known for being cunning and a deceiver, often pulling pranks on the unsuspecting. This was our experience of the guy yesterday when I had an inbox full of enquiries for and potential clients waiting for more information from Elemental Locks and Hypknotic.

I had a client in London and had gotten the train specifically so that I might get some work done on the way to and from the job, only to find that all platforms had gone haywire. Every phone call with Mandy sounded like a Darlek underwater and and my e-mails couldn't be accessed. I feel that Mercury may have been messing with us for giggles because i was convinced that something was up with either my phone or 4g. Planetary alignment superstition at its finest but I can't deny how spooky that was.

Something I did notice during the technology blackout last night (but unfortunately couldn't do much to put right) was that one or two peoples concerns arising that a BeeJam course is just a one day deal, so I thought I would make some amends.

The course is far from a one day course. You are provided with a full kit of equipment including human hair extensions, a dummy head to practice on, tools of the trade and printed course materials (this means you don't have to take as many notes!) which is worth £200. You have a full day with practical training and mentors present after which you will need to complete your dummy heads full head of dreads as well as real-life casework studies. Each stage of your work is guided by your personal mentor as well as on hand advice and tips. We have a no-fail policy which means as long as you're into it and want to succeed we will be there to offer as much support as you need to get up and running. When you consider that the money spent on the course could be earnt back upon completion of just a few full head clients it doesn't seem as daunting.

As Locticians we are not bound by our geographical location when it comes to booking clients. People tend to travel distance for a loctician they like, whether it be primarily their portfolio or just personality and character. Once trained you will have your own style and way of presenting your work which will be different from others. No you will not be able to advertise that you have 10 years experience, but you will be able to shout from the rooftops that you are professionally trained by and accredited by CPD. You will have images of work you have done with us and case work that we have set you after the first days learning is over which will certainly help kick start a portfolio.

I also wanted to mention that all our alumni will be featured on the Beejam website and social media. You will have promotion in your local area and updates on your work and progress. The end game for us being to launch the first dreadlock technician online agency. We measuring our success on the success of our students so we are going to pull out all the stops to get you up to speed and working with a consistant client base. Mercury or no Mercury. X


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