BeeJam goes YouTube

For a while now, we contemplated providing further content and information for our community and friends who have not had the chance yet of attending one of our nationwide courses.

Next to the big question on how to do that there was also always the issue of self confidence. While there are probably sooooo many people (especially on YouTube) creating stunning videos with awesome content, we belong to the group of people that are more on the struggling side of things as soon as a camera is pointed at us in a demanding manner.

After a bit of back and forth, Mandy from Hypknotic and one of the tutors at BeeJam then took her courage and produced the first ever BeeJam YouTube video! A lot of respect to her for leaving her comfort zone and producing a wonderful little video on how to maintain Dreadlock Extensions, that have gone out of shape a bit.

We all as Dreadheads know the struggle with everyday life and keeping an eye on your dreads. It might be job, the hobbies, friends and family that keeps us from a regular maintenance routine. While it might be helpful to combine recurring rituals (yes, the sofa in front of the TV counts as a ritual as well ^^ ) with a dread maintenance, sometimes even this might not be possible. Therefore Mandy produced this How-To video on YouTube for a quick and uncomplicated maintenance procedure for your stressed dreads.

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