Has Anxiety affected your life? Working for yourself is good for your physical and emotional health!

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

How working on fun and creative projects and making more than enough money to live on, helps you live longer. Duh!

Everyone knows that eating your greens and abstaining from smoking, drugs and alcohol will elongate your life, but did you know that experiencing positive emotions will also have a noticeably beneficial effect on not only your happiness but your health both in the body and mind.

When you're in a stressful situation, say for example while you're at work, swamped with menial tasks you have no enthusiasm or passion for, your brain is producing a chemical called cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone that historically would be produced in the fight or flight scenario. This would be for example, like when we were living in the jungle and needed those extra beans for running away from the sabre tooth tiger. That scenario is hard to imagine now we live in a world where we are the top of the food chain, but that was obviously not always the case.

In order to escape we would need a lot of adrenalin circulating around our system. When in this 'I must escape!' mode, blood is channeled away from the outter extremities and into the internal organs and muscles again helping us run faster to escape the monster. Blood flow decreases to your brain’s frontal lobe, which is responsible for logical thinking and planning, and the deeper, more animalistic parts of your brain take over. All of your body’s resources get diverted toward one goal: staying alive. Your heart rate and blood pressure increase, you breathe faster and your muscles tense up. Your pupils even dilate so you can see the 'threat' more clearly.

"Anxiety is an emotional response to something that the brain thinks is dangerous, but isn’t actually dangerous."

If you're experiencing these symptoms on a daily basis at your job you may literally be taking years off your life. Being in this state means that parts of your body are not getting the blood and oxygen they need to work properly, while other parts are on overdrive which can be physically and emotionally exhausting.

Everyone needs to earn a living, but is it possible that your working in a job for just minimum wage is causing you more problems than its worth?

It could well be that what worked so well for Mandy and I will work for you too, and that isn't working as a slave in retail, hospitality or administration, but as a professional dreadlock technician. Part time, flexible hours for a full time wage sound good? We want to share with you our stories so you can get started in business as soon as you pass. We have a no fail policy so as long as you want to learn and improve we are available to mentor you and advise on what should be your next step. We even help you with online marketing in your local area. We really want to see you succeed so that together we can create a thriving network of capable and confident stylists, all offering services that are truly worth it what clients are paying out.

Working as a Loctician is extremely rewarding and for some it is more of a hobby and a passion than work. Personally, I have found it to improve many aspects of my life. I have grown more confident in my social interaction and met a lot of amazing and fascinating people that I never would have otherwise. Being good at what you do also means you get lots of compliments on your work which makes you feel great! Seeing how your work affects others self esteem is also a really lovely reward and as a Loctician you can see that in your clients faces and body language every day. The conversation is varied and enriching, and getting into the rhythm of a job can be relaxing and almost meditative, all resulting in positive emotions taking over from the fight or flight that used to dominate your psyche.

So long as you space your clients out accordingly and your pricing is accurate, you can live comfortably off the money you make as a Loctician, and we would love to show you how. The more positive experiences you have in life, the better you will feel over all, and i whole heartedly vouch for that. Its worked for us, and it will for you too.


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